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Blogs in Bangla have been around since and the first noted Bangla blog was authored by Saukanya Mazumdar. She and Debashish, the founder of this directory, also write the first ever primer on staring a Bangla blog at blogger.com using Unicode. The tutorial written in English as well as Bangla has since helped many bloggers to jump-start to Bangla blogging. If you want to start a Bangla blog of your own, this is the place you must start with.

Bangla Ready Reckoner

Bangla or Bengali is an Indo-European language spoken by the populations in the Indian state of West Bengal and the neighboring country of Bangladesh. There are also significant Bengali-speaking communities in Assam (another Indian state also neighbouring West Bengal and Bangladesh) and in immigrant populations in the West and the Middle East.

Bengali is an English word referring to both the language and the people speaking the language; in Bengali the language is called Bangla and the people are called Bangali. The traditional area of habitation of Bengali peoples is called Bengal in English and Bongo in Bengali. The region is now broken into two fragments, the western part, West Bengal (or Poshchim-Bongo) being a state in India and the eastern part, Bangladesh (East Bengal or PurboBongo) being an independent country.

Bengali is usually written in the Bengali script. This is a Brahmic script, very similar to the Devanagari used for Hindi and Sanskrit. Each base symbol represents a syllable, and other symbols can be added to change (or suppress) the vowel of that syllable. Consonant clusters are often indicated by ligating two symbols.

Rules for submission of blogs

  • Your blog should have been written using Bangla script (Bangla fonts). We recommend usage of Bangla Unicode Fonts.
  • English blogs about Bangla and/or English blogs written by Bengali authors or blogs in romanized Bangla are not eligible for listing here.
  • Your blog must include a link back to this directory. Thanks!
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  • Incomplete entries will not be listed.


Q. What are featured Blogs? How can my blog be displayed there?
Ans. Featured blogs get an advantageous special listing on the front page of this directory. The listing also shows a thumbnail screen grab of the site. Featured blog listing is a premium listing and we change a nominal fee to list your blog for a limited duration. Please contact us for fees and further details.

Q. What is the difference between 'Cool' and 'Popular' sites?
Ans. All sites need traffic and we too ask bloggers who wish to have their sites listed here to link to us. Cool Sites section is a way to show our gratitude to such visitors where we list sites that bring us more visitors. Popular Sites section lists sites that get the most hits from our site (or through our site) on order of hits.

Q. Do I need to pay to get listed in the directory?
Ans. No, all listing are free except the 'Featured blog' section. A link back to this directory is appreciated.

Q. My Blog URL/Feed URL has changed. How do I notify you?
Ans. First search your blog on the site. With the results you will notice an edit icon , just click on the one against your blog, login and edit your details. If you don't have a username/password, write to us.

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